Friday, November 9, 2007

Some musings on political blogs and feedback loops...

Right wing and left wing blogs currently seem to be caught in self reinforcing loops in which some of the more extreme memes are becoming dominant . And as far as I can tell the more out in the far ends of the right-left(see note ) of the spectrum seem to be getting further and further apart. When reading the comments in reaction to blog posts in for example daily kos and little green footballs (Although I'll observe that Michelle Malkin would make a better example than lgf in this case) I've noted that over time that the views of the bloggers and those posting comments seem to get more out in the extremes of both the Right and the Left.

And in more than a few cases are getting to a point where I find myself seriously wondering if they won't go off the deep end. See the downright hysterical hyperbole used by both sides of the issue has not inspired me to trust either extreme in fact exactly the opposite. For some bloggers it has become a my way or no way type of mindset to the point some blogs have become breeding grounds for outright nutty conspiracy theories.

I'm afraid there are enough wingnuts on both ends of the political spectrum to make me uncomfortable. And some of the Democratic blogs strike me as being utterly way off the deep end. Not that the same doesn't apply to some of the Republican Blog as well.

Side note Right, Left and Center as a means of describing where one individuals political ideologies stand is one of the most idiotic legacies of the French revolution. Give me Pournelle chart any day of the week.

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